Lakeview Boosters Drive:


As a result of the September Booster drive, we will soon have Booster Sponsors to recognize in the fall and throughout the year. Thank you banners will be hung in front of the school all year long.  

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Download, print and complete the BOOSTERS FORM. Submit form and payment to the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Booster?


The PTO asks all parents of Lakeview school children to become a Booster and support the PTO with a tax-deductible donation. A Booster is someone who joins the PTO by making a donation of any amount which in turn provides financial support for all PTO sponsored events at Lakeview. 

Each year, Lakeview kick starts the school  year with our Boosters fundraiser. 100% of Lakeview kids benefit from our spending on technology in the classroom, reimbursement of teachers’ expenses, field trips, Arts Attack, Reflex Math & Newsela licenses, and so much more.  It's never too late to donate - ANY amount helps.  It would take a LOT of pressure off of our other fundraising efforts this year.  

Why should I donate to Boosters?

​​​The Boosters month is a fundraiser for the Lakeview PTO. Funds are invested in educational tools and activities which benefit Lakeview students. These include art, music, and afterschool enrichment; classroom supplies; assemblies; school equipment; and technology.​


How does Boosters raise money?

Funds are raised solely through donations and go directly to the Lakeview PTO. That’s right, no product sales, no middleman. Boosters is one of the biggest fundraisers for the school along with the Fall Harvest Festival and spring Golf Classic.

When can I donate?

You can donate to the Boosters anytime. We do encourage all families to join the booster program the first month of school to be included in the class competition. Plus, it helps PTO plan for activities and supplies for the current year.

Is my donation tax deductible?

​Yes! As a 501c3 non-profit organization (Tax ID #47‐0954500), your donation to the PTO may be tax deductible.

My company provides matching funds, can this be applied?

​You bet! many employers match charitable donations, so your money can go even further!

If my company or family wants to be a Sponsor, how does that work?

Your business or family name will be recognized in front of school, on the website and Facebook as shown below.