Scrip and Grocery Cards

It's never been easier to earn money for Lakeview!

Our Scrip and Grocery Card programs earn money for our school while you shop. Scrip brings funds to Lakeview when you purchase gift cards through Scrip Zone or our school coordinator. Just think, your gift giving, vacations, special treats, and even every day purchases can help our school. Grocery cards to local stores are as simple as getting a card, registering it with the grocer, and remembering to use it for your market purchases. Learn more about each of these great opportunities below.


Online Orders

Buy gift cards 24/7 with delivery of 3-5 days, to hundreds of retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Chipotle, Gap, Lowes, Marriott Hotels, Starbucks, Target, and Toys R Us.


  1. Visit Scrip website

  2. Click on New User and fill in all blanks.

  3. ​Click Accept and Create User.

  4. Fill in your name and address.

  5. ​Click Finish

  6. a new screen which has a Join Group button.

  7. ​Type in Lakeview’s Group ID 916439LES.

Scrip Coordinator Orders
  • Review the list of retailers below to determine your order.

  • Send your Scrip order to the coordinator. To email, click here.

  • Orders are submitted on the 1st and 15th of each month.

  • You will be contacted to pick-up and pay for your order once it arrives.

  • You can also pay through the Scrip Payment Gate when ordering.