​What We Fund

Investments that help our children soar!

At Lakeview, we don't ask our families to do cumbersome door-to-door fundraising activities.  We simply ask our parents to donate what they can to the PTO. Working with the teachers, staff and parents, the PTO defines its funding priorities for the school year.  


In order to support the school's curriculum needs, there are computer based software and licensed applications (for example Reflex Math, ST Math, Newsela, BrainPOP). Technology continues to be one our largest needs, and we hope you join us in supporting this effort.


Additionally, Lakeview's PTO funds the Arts program, the music and dance programs, field trips, new books for the library, after school enrichment programs, and several other activities and events throughout the year.

A few projects that are in the works have been put off till next year because we need to maintain reserves to cover minimum annual commitments.  This helps us protect key programs in the event there are issues with fundraising in Fall 2018 - for example a rained out Fall Festival.

The 2017-18 budget & Actuals will be posted soon!

Refer to the 2016 - 2017 Budget & Actuals for previous year.

At Lakeview, we are privileged to have tremendous parent involvement.  By working with the teachers and staff, we learn about what is critical to our classrooms, while listening to and surveying our parents, we understand what is important to families. Combining this information, we can make informed decisions that benefit our students.

​​Your PTO Dollars at Work

Summary of Investments 

made during the

2017 - 18 school year.

School Programs $43,800

(Book Fair, Arts Attack, Music, Staff Appreciation, School Garden, GLAD Training, Sports Equipment, Ceramics, Dance, Open House, Movie Night, Pastries with Parents)

Annual Commitments $33,700

(Software Licensing fees: STMath, Newsla, Reflex Math, Raz Kids, Flocabulary, Read Live, IXL.com.  Printer supplies, Library, Teacher reimbursement, class field trips, etc.)

School Items $13,500

(Curriculum, STEAM Program, Handwriting Supplies, Mascot, Spelling Bee, Paper, Playground Equipment, etc.)

Programs w/ offsetting revenue

(Expenses $39,790, Net profit $5,369) 

(2 Enrichment sessions, Holiday Shop, Sweetheart Dance, Pancake Breakfast, Spirit Wear)

​Bulletin Board $1144

(To be placed by Building A, lower entrance to school).(Installation date TBD, possibly
before end of spring)

Bottle Filling Water Fountain

WIP $8000 - 12000

(Installation of new lines has TBD costs. Installation date TBD, possibly during Summer)


PTO Meeting Reminder

Your opinions matter to us. If you have ideas or concerns about our funding, join us at our monthly PTO meetings. Learn more here.

We are here to listen, send us an email if you can't make the PTO Meeting!